Reverse Mortgage – Does it fit your financial plan?

Mortgage Tips Jon Hutton 7 Feb

Are you retired and find yourself struggling on a fix income to keep up every month? A reverse mortgage is a great option to access the equity of your home to improve accessibility so that you can live there longer. You can gift children a down payment for their home, purchase a cottage, consolidate debt […]

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Is A Variable Rate Mortgage Still Good?

Mortgage Tips Jon Hutton 2 Feb

With the inevitable increase in the Prime rate, it is important to ask whether having a variable rate mortgage is still a good idea. The most crucial factor in deciding whether a variable rate is for you, is your comfort level. Are you ok with your mortgage payment rising as rates rise, both financially and […]

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Status certificate red flags to catch before you buy a condo!

Mortgage Tips Jon Hutton 20 Jan

Thinking of buying a condo? They can be a great starter home, investment property, or less stress for those individuals that don’t have (or want to spend) the time to spend on the outdoor upkeep! But before you buy, make sure to review (or have your lawyer review) the condo’s status certificate and save yourself […]

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Canadian Home Sales & Prices Set Another Record High in September

General Jon Hutton 20 Oct

DR. SHERRY COOPER, Chief Economist, Dominion Lending Centres discusses the latest housing data released from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) for the month of September. Below is a quick summary. Please click HERE for the full article. There has been a unprecedented change in value of one’s home during this time historical time: Home has been […]

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Latest News Jon Hutton 9 Oct

Here is the latest article from DR. SHERRY COOPER, Chief Economist, Dominion Lending Centres. In this article Sherry talks about the latest jobs report and what it means for Canadians and the real estate market. Below is a summary. Please click HERE for the full article. Bottom Line  This was still a relatively strong employment report even […]

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